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About our studio


Workshop6 is a working jewellery studio in Kingsland, Auckland. We provide a space for a collective of practising contemporary jewellers, who share tools, ideas and energy.

Along with this we’re a place where people of any ability can learn metal working skills or rent bench space.


Established in 1993, Workshop 6 was set up as shared space for contemporary jewellery graduates to practice their craft.  It has seen many exciting  practitioners from the jewellery community pass through its doors and is currently the workspace of Anna Wallis, Jasmine Watson, Mia Straka and Cheryl Sills.

  • 1993

    Workshop6 established by Anna Wallis, Lisa Walker, Areta Wilkinson and Helen O'Connor

  • 1994

    Workshop6 moves to Kingsland Terrace. We begin night classes.

  • 1995

    We are joined by Jane Dodd. Lisa Walker leaves for Munich.

  • 1999

    We are joined by Octavia Cook

  • 2005

    We are joined by Jasmine Watson

  • 2006

    We are joined by Cheryl Sills

  • 2008

    We are joined by Mia Straka

  • 2014

    We celebrate turning 21 with a great show at Fingers and a big party

  • 2015

    A new studio in the Royal Theatre building, Kingsland


The current partners at Workshop6

Image of Anna Wallis

Anna Wallis

Anna Wallis studied at Dunedin Polytechnic under Kobi Bosshard and Georg Beer graduating in 1992. She has exhibited her work both Nationally and Internationally since the 1990’s, and her work is held in permanent collections at the Dowse and Auckland Museum. Wallis considers making jewellery as an exercise in building or growing objects. She uses a process-based methodology where the economy of construction is of primary concern. Working mainly in metal, the outcomes are inextricably connected with how the pieces are constructed. Playing with scale, structure and surface treatments, there is a common thread of repetition throughout her works. Her pieces reference traditional jewellery while simultaneously siting machinery, architecture and crystalline or geological forms.


Image of Jasmine Watson

Jasmine Watson

Jasmine Watson graduated in 1995 from Unitec School of Design, studying jewellery with Pauline Bern and glass with Elizabeth McClure.  Principle jeweller for Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, Jasmine designed and created the jewellery seen throughout the films.  Establishing herself in 2005 as a studio based jeweller and enamellist, Jasmine is represented by galleries within New Zealand and Australia.  An experienced enamellist, Jasmine has trained with Japanese master enamellist Tsuruya Sakurai, and contemporary enamellist Helen Aitken-Khunen. In 2011 Jasmine was the recipient of two International enamelling awards in Tokyo, Japan.  In 2012 she won the Premier Award at the Objective Art Awards in Auckland.  Her work is inspired by ornamental patterns, symmetry, and complex detail based on mathematical principles, she creates interlocking shapes that can assemble into elaborate ornamental sequences, repeating to infinity.

Image of Mia Straka

Mia Straka

Mia Straka graduated with an honours degree in 3D Design: Jewellery from Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland in 2001. Her work has featured in numerous galleries and public institutions nationally and internationally and can be found in the James Wallace Arts Trust Collection. Recently Mia’s practice has evolved to include large scale sculptural work, installations and collaborations. 
Mia’s intersecting practice uses traditional craft methodologies as a basis from which to find her own way of making. Form is used as metaphor to comment on the structures around us, both physical and metaphysical. Jewellery pieces explore the body as site, employing techniques, form and symbolism to express a personal  reaction to everyday experiences. Traditional processes and alternative materials are explored to question values and anchor the work in this specific place and time.

Image of Cheryl Sills

Cheryl Sills

Cheryl Sills

Cheryl sills graduated with an honours degree in jewellery and metalwork from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, Scotland in 1999. Since establishing herself in Auckland Cheryl has exhibited in many solo and collaborative shows throughout New Zealand. Cheryl enjoys the process of making; of building and constructing three dimensional objects. Her current body of work explores the faceted form. She is constantly trying to evolve this concept with the use of alternative materials, such as silicone and acrylic, alongside traditional precious metals and by inventing different methods of construction.

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Kingsland, Auckland